Driven Woman is a supportive network for women who want to lead a bigger life

Do you have a ton of ideas but not sure how to put them into action? Is what you want out of life changing but feel overwhelmed and unsure what path to take next? Do you have big ambitions but find it tiring to work on your goals alone?

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Join the movement of women 'doers' and find your drive

We are a fast growing movement of women coming together to support one another with our goals, follow our dreams and create the kind of life we really want.  We have decided to define our own kind of success, create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time. We do this by sharing our progress, keeping each other accountable and inspiring each other in monthly group meetings.

Not yet living the life of your dreams? It's OK to want a bigger life.

Learn how to define your bigger life plan and join a Lifeworking workshop to discover how to define your own success (and start living the happy balanced life of your dreams!)



Join our live groups to keep yourself accountable and surround yourself with a real doer tribe of women who will cheer you on for you to meet those big goals. If you can’t find a group near you - join the Doers Academy, our structured online membership site for women with ideas and ambitions who want to achieve their goals.