Everyone Can Find Their Drive

1) Take the first step

If you woke up tomorrow doing what you love, living a life of abundance and fulfilment, how would that feel? We step outside of our comfort zone, and support one another. We keep each other accountable and believe in each other’s dreams. Together we can make our goals bigger and better because we believe in building our mental capacity in the same way we build our physical one - one group session at a time. Change can be scary, but together we can do anything.

2) Join a supportive tribe of like-minded women

Secondly, our method is based on accountability, commitment and regularly writing down goals. We believe in taking small steps together to reach bigger goals. We do this by sharing our progress and inspiring each other at Doers Academy online groups and in our in-person meetings around the world.

Members are encouraged to dream big, but more importantly to take practical steps to make those dreams happen. A systematic approach ensures success. We do specific exercises to help you define your vision, achieve a positive life change and live a bigger life, leading your journey of personal growth.

3) Find your drive

We change the lives of each other. And when we start doing what we love, take action from a place of excitement and purpose rather than fear and insecurity, together we can have a huge social impact and change the world. Women have been buying into a definition of success created by others. It is now time to re-write our own story and start playing by our own rules. Follow your spark and find your drive. Everyone can make it happen.



We get together once a month in LifeWorking™ groups (in-person) across the UK, Switzerland and many other locations in Europe. If you can't find a local group or want to work on your goals and dreams from the comfort of your own home you can join our online membership Doers Academy. The content is the same - proven goals driven exercises that activate you to take small steps towards big life goals!



Our Story

Our mission is to help women find their inner drive. We give accountability and support to ambitious women so they can achieve their goals and dreams fast.

Our drive is our innermost desire to be the woman you want to be, actually the woman who you already are. It’s the spark that nudges you to go boldly after your dreams and wants you to manifest your brilliance without limits. In short, create exactly the life you want. Our mission is what brought us together, a global tribe of like-minded women supporting one another unconditionally. We believe it’s much easier to fight fear of failure, self doubt and pressures of everyday life when you have your tribe with you.

At DrivenWoman everyone is responsible for finding their drive, but you’d be surprised how easy it is when you are guided by a structured process and engage in goal driven materials every month. What you‘ll discover is not someone else’s success formula! Lifeworking has been designed for you to find your own answers to success.

The network has been shaped by every woman joining the movement since 2013 when it was founded by Miisa Mink and Jennifer Stoute. The idea was born as a result of their inner need to redefine their values and beliefs. The traditional success definitions did not resonate anymore; and they wanted to embrace success in much broader terms; living a balanced life making a positive impact to those around. Co-founders Fiona Flintham and Leonie Troxler joined DrivenWoman in 2017, and now the movement is spreading fast across the globe. You can find Lifeworking groups in the UK and in most major European cities and we welcome online members to Doers Academy all around the world.

Festival Of Doers is our annual celebration or women who are ready to break the status quo. We come together for a day of inspiration and commitment to taking positive action  featuring talks by successful female leaders and transformational workshops and is held once a year in London and in Zurich.

To experience DrivenWoman simply join our FREE Facebook group Doers Tribe, or a Lifeworking Workshop and join as a member. If you can’t find a Lifeworking group in your town you can apply to become a Group Leader and bring DrivenWoman to where you are. Our on-line membership club Doers Academy accepts new members three times a year. 



Our Culture

What brings us together is our mindset and a strong culture of mutual support and belief that we have should not be daunted by the opinions of other but be ready to do the work and commit to finding our own true path in life. Here are 11 principles what makes you a DrivenWoman.



Our Team

Miisa Mink

Miisa is the founder and chief doer at DrivenWoman. She’s the creator of Festival Of Doers and Doers Academy Online. Prior to her entrepreneurial career Miisa was known as a highly accomplished branding professional. Miisa lives in South East London with her husband and two sons. She believes we can live fully only by stepping outside our comfort zone. Her glass is always full and she has learnt to be undaunted by failure or adversity.

Leonie Troxler

Leonie is the Head Of Training & Operations at DrivenWoman. She’s in charge of training our Group Leaders and keeping this fast growing ‘doer’ community well organised. Prior to DrivenWoman, Leonie worked with legal, regulatory and compliance at hedge funds. She lives just outside Zurich with her husband and daughter.

Fiona Flintham

Fiona is our Head of Marketing & Communications and in charge of global marketing and helping our Group Leaders reach their local audience. Prior to working with DrivenWoman, Fiona spent over 15 years heading online marketing strategies for high-profile global media businesses. Fiona lives near Zurich with her husband and two sons.


DrivenWoman has helped thousands of women to define what success means for them and break a pattern of needing to ask for a permission to succeed. We want to inspire everyone to believing in great outcomes, this is why we share inspirational stories of DrivenWoman members who have created a 'bigger life'.



Group Leaders

DrivenWoman groups are run by independent Group Leaders, women like you, who want to join the movement, accelerate their own progress towards a bigger life, earn a side income and do meaningful work with social impact.




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