Doers Academy

Doers Academy is an online membership program from DrivenWoman for women with ideas and ambition who want to make things happen. 

Are you ready to start making your dreams and goals happen but don't know where to start?

Do you feel what you want in life is changing but you don’t quite know how?

Do you sometimes feel unsure or doubting yourself unable to make the right decision?

We all feel stuck sometimes but there’s no reason to hold yourself back. We created Doers Academy because there’s a better way and everyone can start their journey to their bigger life, today. 

Doers Academy content is based on the proven exercises and materials used in our Lifeworking groups. In this monthly program you will do simple but powerful exercises that will activate the doer you already are and help you re-focus on what really matters and take those important small daily steps that lead you to big goals. It's the recipe for activating your dreams and stepping outside your comfort zone to start making things happen, now.

Sign up now to our global community of female doers and say good bye to procrastination!