We work with companies committed to improving diversity and inclusion within their organisations by helping women gain confidence, tackle self doubt and put their ideas into practise. Our Lifeworking™ program sits well alongside internal mentoring and coaching programs as it helps women put plans into action. We offer a structured program where women work on their mindset through simple, thought provoking exercises and by prioritising what is really important. Accountability and community creates an urgency to put those well thought through points into action.

Empowering everyone

Our program focuses on building resilience and a success mindset. We believe every woman should have access to this kind of support, not just the top level women. Women get together, in-person or online, once a month to share their goals, struggles and wins, and support each other to step outside their comfort zone. Women gain confidence and reach their goals faster.

Is your organisation struggling with any of the following challenges?

  • Women lack the confidence to present their ideas
  • Women don't put themselves forward for promotion
  • Women leave after having children
  • It's difficult to attract women returners
  • Women struggle to combine the demands of a career and family

Our Lifeworking program helps women to voice what they want, what they are struggling with and then actively find solutions to move forward. There's always commitment to action and accountability as they report back to the community. The program encourages women to take small steps outside their comfort zone. Women soon approach their careers with renewed energy and confidence, bringing their best selves to their organisations.

What we offer:

Lifeworking workshops

This is a  two hour workshop delivered by one of our Certified Group Leaders at your location for 15 - 150 women. The purpose is to help them clarify their career and life goals, create a realistic roadmap who to reach them and commit to the first small action points that deliver immediate results.

"The Lifeworking Workshop was great. It was refreshing to participate in a workshop that not only gave structure to setting goals but also allowed for self reflection on recognising your strengths through the Life Pyramid exercise. This gave our attendees confidence and made them think a little bit differently about how to shape their future.” Natalie Clark, RBS


Our online membership is a flexible and inexpensive way to give all women in your organisation a tool to improve their mental wellbeing and confidence. We have translated our most popular and impactful Lifeworking modules into a rolling online program. Each monthly module consists of both pre-recorded and LIVE content and gives women access to top coaches on personal growth. 

"I was a little very nervous to be on the online webinar panel, I hadn’t done anything like that before. Surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was something cathartic about speaking out loud about my creative goals. I realised during the call that the things I really wanted to achieve had to be put at the front of everything that I do. Hearing support from others on the call for the things I wanted to achieve helped me enormously." June Cadogan, London, UK

Some of the coaches facilitating online LIVE workshops include:

Hazel Gale - author, speaker, cognitive hypnotherapist and ex-world champion in full-contact kick-boxing. Hazel is an established and qualified expert helping people to imagine a life without limitations.

Carin Rockind - speaker, author, coach and positive psychology expert. Carin is a regular contributor to the US media, and has appeared on NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR & the Huffington Post

Jess Ratcliffe - Jess is the founder of Unleash Your Extraordinary and works with companies such as Salesforce, Virgin and Captify helping their up-and-coming leaders to become the best they can be.


Start a group program in your location for 15 women per group. Groups are facilitated by Certified DrivenWoman Group Leaders and offer women a safe space to reflect on their career choices, engage in exercises that require self inquiry and honesty, and support and accountability to make things happen. This boosts general well-being and confidence.

"DrivenWoman first helped me to gain confidence sitting on male dominated board. But my growth was deeper than that as I learned to build deeper awareness within myself, deal with my self doubt in a positive rather than negative way and truly connect with my purpose. I'm now changing my company's patriarchal leadership model and I have gained the confidence to ask for compensation I'm worth. All this thanks to DrivenWoman!" Birgitte Woehlk, Group HR Director, Design Bridge Ltd, UK

We work with companies across the globe and have delivered Lifeworking session to companies such as: Nasdaq, RBS, Cambridge English and Red Bull. We can offer workshops and in-person groups in the UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and France. 

Be in touch, we'd love to have a chat and hear how we can help your organisation reach your diversity and inclusion targets and empower women to become the best they can me!

Email Leonie Troxler, DrivenWoman co-founder and Head of Corporate Memberships: leonie -at-