Ana Luis

Coming from a background in marketing and service design, all my choices have been in the direction of being of service to others, of hearing people & improving their lives in some way. Slowly, I came to realise that there’s no one better qualified to improving our lives than ourselves. Only that sometimes we don’t know how or we lack the motivation or accountability to stay on track. This is why I’m now a Life Coach & part of launching Driven Woman Portugal - to be of service to others so we can all live our best life!

Calçada de Santo Antonio 2 , 1150-215 Lisbon , Portugal

Lifeworking workshops

If you are new to DrivenWoman come first to a Lifeworking workshop where you get to design a plan for your 'bigger life' and experience the magic of sharing stories with other like-minded women. This workshop gives you little taster on how our member groups work. Just come along. That’s what DrivenWoman is all about. Encouraging everyone to make things happen!

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