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Gretel Gambarelli

Gretel Gambarelli is a certified DrivenWoman Group Leader for DrivenWoman Switzerland. Gretel is an Italian national, living in Bern since 2011. For more than 10 years, Gretel worked as Environmental Economist in international development and environmental organizations in the U.S. and in Switzerland. In 2012, she suddenly lost her job and, despite many attempts, she couldn’t find the next one. She spent three difficult years trying to help herself out of a frustrating condition (highly qualified, expat, lonely, stay-at-home mum) and in 2015 she decided to start an independent activity. She now helps other women reinvent themselves professionally in Switzerland, by transforming their passions into successful businesses. She offers training, brainstorming and inspiration events, as well as 1-1 business mentoring. Gretel decided to become a DrivenWoman group leader because she has noticed that self-doubt, low self-confidence, and lack of persistence in pursuing our objectives are common factors, which often hinder high potential women. She firmly believes that a group of supportive women in a safe environment is extremely useful to move forward and realize our dreams. Gretel speaks English, Italian and some German.

Eichholzstrasse 63 , 3084 Wabern , Switzerland

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18 December 2018 at 18:00
Eichholzstrasse 63
3084 Wabern

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