Monthly meetings on Thursday evenings with Dina Ioannou-Blanco and Susana Metzger. 19.00-21:15
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Dina Ioannou-Blanco

Hi I'm Dina, a certified Group Leader for DrivenWoman Switzerland Olten along with Susana Metzger. I’m a Transformational Speaker, Educator, Teacher, Trainer and Coach/Mentor. As founder of Lessons-in-Self, I provide unique Education for Life programmes that integrate Positive Psychology tools, my training in the Canfield Methodology and my very own life’s lessons to create programmes that inspire and empower others to becoming the person they are destined to be. Using my experience from the positive effects of burnout, I believe that burnout happens for a reason and I help others discover why so they too can go from burnout to brilliance. A Londoner born to Greek-Cypriot parents, I’ve been living in Switzerland for over 17 years. I left school at 16 with no real qualifications (2 GCSEs to be exact one was an A in Drama!), but lots of dreams and ambition. dreams + thirst and curiosity for learning = where I am today As the founder of Lessons-in-Self, I’m also professional English Language Teacher, Teacher Educator and Trainer with over 22 years experience, holding a MEd and BA (Hons) from the University of Manchester. I have also personally trained with Jack Canfield and am a Certified Trainer in The Success Principles and the Jack Canfield Methodology. Aside from my formal credentials, I’m a learner of life’s lessons. Trust me, if qualifications were handed for the times I re-took some of life’s lessons, I’d definitely be up there in the honours list. My purpose is to inspire others beginning or already on the journey of life to authentically, meaningfully and purposely realise their potential. Through my own life experiences, I show no matter your educational background, culture and gender the life you rightly deserve is yours.

mittenstadt® , Marktgasse 19 , 4600 Olten , Switzerland

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