Zurich #1 - Karl Der Grosse (2019:see Zurich #3 at IHZ Colab)

Wednesday evenings with Karime Abib. (for 2019 meetings suspended) 18:45 - 21:00
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Karime Abib

I’m Karime Abib, certified Group Leader for DrivenWomen Switzerland.  I’m an entrepreneur, engineer, manager, expert in supply chain management, quality, performance, and in my passion: designing sustainable, environmentally and socially, businesses and operations. In today’s world, that does not happen without passing through the topic of diversity. Women are powerful in creating a better and more sustainable world. This to say that my analytical and management skills meet my heart when it comes to helping women to achieve their full potential. You can learn more about me and what I do in my website: www.advantika.ch. I am a Brazilian, married to an American, and consider myself a citizen of the world. Most importantly, I believe in being happy and leaving a meaningful life. I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Karl der Grosse - in 2019 Impact Hub Colab - room C2 , Kirchgasse 14 - in 2019 Sihlquai 131 , 8001 Zürich - in 2019 8005 Zürich , Switzerland

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