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Wednesday evenings with Cecilia Betancourt. 18:45 - 21:00
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Cecilia Betancourt

I am Cecilia Betancourt, certified Group Leader for DrivenWoman Switzerland. I’m an artist originally from Mexico City based in the Zurich area. Mother of two, have worked as a language teacher specialized in advanced and business Spanish. I am an art teacher as well leading workshops for children and adults and founder of the children’s art and peace project “Make Art Not War – Like Children Do” which involve children from around the world coming together through art. I am currently involved in other art projects as well as organizing exhibitions of my work. Past exhibitions include group and solo shows in Zurich, Paris, Florence, Buenos Aires and Mexico City among others. I am author of a novel that I’m looking into publishing soon. One of the biggest experiences in my life has been the time spent as a student and as a staff member of the international educational group Up With People. I am passionate about art, culture, history and traveling. Daily practice of yoga, exercising and meditation keep me balanced and with a positive view of myself and my life. I know how much power is in us when we are determined to achieve something, when we believe in it and when we know we can make it, but sometimes we get stuck in the process. I want to be a part of this discovering and empowering process in women’s lives on achieving our ultimate goals and dreams.

Karl der Grosse , Kirchgasse 14 , 8001 Zürich , Switzerland

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