Mojca Henigman

A certified NLP Master coach helping purpose-driven women master their mindset, transcend their blind spots and achieve bigger dreams than they thought possible. Mojca is a curious explorer of life and the world who will never stop learning. She believes in the immense human potential, the mind-body connection, is a fan of all things natural health and her top life values are personal growth, purpose and joy. Before finding her passion in NLP (neuro-lingustic programming) and coaching, Mojca worked in the live events industry, theatre, and founded her own tea business. She's particularly passionate about empowering women to overcome negative thought patterns, build self-belief and become the version of themselves they've always wanted to be. Warm and encouraging, Mojca trusts in everyone's unique path, and loves helping people move beyond their comfort zone, into courage, where life can be fully lived.

111 Charterhouse Street , EC1 M6AW , London , United Kingdom

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Member Meeting

07 December 2020 at 18:45
111 Charterhouse Street
United Kingdom

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If you are new to DrivenWoman come first to a Lifeworking workshop where you get to design a plan for your 'bigger life' and experience the magic of sharing stories with other like-minded women. This workshop gives you little taster on how our member groups work. Just come along. That’s what DrivenWoman is all about. Encouraging everyone to make things happen!

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