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Our City group meets just a short walk from Farringdon station.
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Tereza Matysova

Tereza is a certified Group Leader for Driven Woman in London. She spent 13 years as a journalist, newsreader and radio and TV broadcaster with Czech TV and radio. Her childhood dream was always to live in London, so six years ago she divorced her husband, packed up all her possessions and a somewhat startled cat (Meowglish) into her friend's car and drove across Europe. She was both terrified and excited but always thinks dreams are there for a reason so why not follow them? Tereza provides regular TV and radio reports about British politics and has written a series of children's books. She is a walking example of how fighting for your dreams and making them come true is both achievable and rewarding.

111 Charterhouse Street , EC1 M6AW , London , United Kingdom

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11 December 2019 at 19:00
111 Charterhouse Street
United Kingdom

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