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Driven Woman is about acknowledging that we are stronger together. We believe that when women support, inspire and become accountable to each other, big things will happen. We must cultivate the power that can be found in vulnerability and encourage taking personal risks.

At Driven Woman we talk a lot about facing and overcoming failure and everyone who has been through the program agrees that their greatest breakthroughs have come from getting through obstacles, not from plain sailing

By taking active steps and moving forwards together we can achieve what we want, no matter where our starting point is. Instead of feeling isolated and frustrated we keep moving, encouraging each other, and slowly, step-by-step, our dreams turn into reality.

It’s a journey and we have decided to enjoy it to the full!

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How it works

Before you become a member we invite you to join a Lifeworking workshop. This is where you will get to set your goals for your ‘bigger life’. It’s important groundwork, but don’t worry if you are not clear on what you want or what your purpose is. The whole idea of DrivenWoman is that the journey is more important than the destination. You don’t have to know exactly what you want before joining, the path will show you the way and moving towards something that excites you more, is in itself a success.

There are no membership requirements, anyone can join. We simply expect you to share our values of proactivity, honesty and diversity and be willing to share your journey once a month with other driven women in your group. Here are our T&Cs and Group Rules.

So once a month we get together to update each other on our progress towards our goals. Sounds like a ‘no brainer’ and it is, it works. Suddenly you get a very supportive tribe of women who all want you to succeed. You will learn from other members’ experiences and celebrate their successes.


Join a Lifeworking workshop where you will

  • Articulate what you want to achieve – what does your ‘bigger life’ look like?
  • Set your long-term goal and short-term tasks, and break them down into tangible, achievable action points you can tackle.
  • Share and hear stories of other like-minded women. Be inspired by the stories of other participants and notice that the obstacles you thought were unique to you are universal to most women.
  • Get a sense of clarity of your journey ahead, be it to start your own business, take your career to the next level or simply to become more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Find more balance in your life, putting yourself back in the centre of your life

There is no commitment to join DrivenWoman afterwards. Just come along.

That’s what DrivenWoman is all about. Encouraging everyone to make things happen!


Who it’s for

DrivenWoman is for everyone who is ready to admit the keys to your personal success is in your own hands. We believe in our abilities to build a bigger, better life. We choose our own world, we don’t wait for someone else to fix it for us.

Our members are typically in one of the following situations:

Thinking of changing your career

You’ve got the title but you are not sure if what you do brings you the meaning and fulfilment you are looking for. We don’t give career advice, but you will find our meetings an inspiring and supporting environment to challenge your current thinking and help you to look for alternative ideas.

Solo entrepreneurs and freelancers

Building a business can be lonely. Here you find inspiration and ideas from other driven women that will help you stay focused and beat the obstacles on your way to success.

Want to improve all aspects of your life

You have a great career and happy home but somehow something is missing? Or perhaps you have been focusing on just one area of your life and left other parts unattended. We need to plan and care for our lives as a whole.

Business owner or wanting to become one

You have a dream, a passion, and an idea for a business but don’t quite have the courage or knowledge to take your business to the next level. Find support and shared knowledge from women who want to make it big, just like you.

Stay at home mother looking to find your ‘thing’

Sometimes we get so consumed with taking care of our families that we completely forget to look after ourselves. Our sessions will provide you with a structure and supportive environment to explore what you would like to do for yourself next.

Why you should come

During the DrivenWoman membership you are likely to:

  • Find clarity in your purpose
  • Feel comfortable being your authentic self
  • Learn to dream better, or bigger (whatever you want)
  • Set more realistic goals and doable action plans
  • Gain increased self confidence to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Manage time and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Manage different roles of being a woman
  • Experience increased gratitude
  • Feel accountable to a fantastic group of women
  • Develop a real connection with others
  • Put in place positive habits
  • Learn success tips from other members
  • Start to embrace life as a journey, not a destination


Become a Member


You can join our membership for a minimum of 6 months. Change takes time and at DrivenWoman we believe the key ingredient of success is to be fully committed to your journey. This is why our members usually stay members for many years working on new goals and dreaming bigger. You can find out membership prices per each region here.

However, if you feel DrivenWoman is not for you, new members can cancel any time within the first three months.